tuning your guitar lesson

The first thing you must do before you can play your  electric guitar or acoustic guitar is tune it!

Getting started part 2

Start with the 6th string (the fat low E string) because it is the hardest to break,  pluck it with a pick in your right hand and turn the tuning key back and fourth several times with your left hand so you know what direction makes the sound lower and higher                 

It's best your first time to loosen the string to a lower sound then tighten it to the same pitch as the tuner. Work with the 6th string until you have the idea of how this works before going on to a thinner string just so you don't break one!
here is a link to online guitar tuners

Pluck your (6th) string and turn the (6th) string tuner on your guitar until the sounds are both the same. If this is your first time, there is no rush here.  When your are happy with the sound
do the same with the A (5th) string
do the D (4th) string
do the G (3rd)  and the rest of the strings.

now here's a tip: by the time your done with the (1st) string the pressure the small thin strings put on the neck of the guitar can cause the fatter strings to go back out of tune so go back to the (6th) string and start over, you may have to do this several times.  If your strings were old you may break one, but this isn't reason to give up. If your are truly going to be a guitar player you will be changing strings acording to the amount time you play. I play 2 to 4 hours a day some times so I need to change strings every few months only because the sound is not as bright as a new set of strings. You may only need to change strings once a year.

Not all guitars are playable:

unfortunately some guitars weren't made playable and some may have been damaged by heat or cold, most playable  guitars have adjustments to them, you'll find out if your guitar is playable in the next few steps but for now you should be able to tune open strings.

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