Airbrush art by Bruce Bowen

 Frankenstein and Morticia airbrushed airbrushed on matboard 

Brad Pitt Cruz Pedregonswamp-people-airbrushed-By-Bruce-Bowen
Glenn & Mitchell Guist of Swamp People airbrushed on a large pink styrofoam panel 2' x 4'
two weeks before Mitchell passed away.
 I used a combination of Createx Wicked colors and FW Artists Ink ,this took
 around 15 hours to paint.
Mr Bean Mr. Bean airbrushing closeup closeup airbrushing Mr. Bean's mouth
Mr Bean airbrushed on styrofoam
Snoop airbrushed on pegboard panel
Snoop freehand airbrushed on pegboard panel took about 6 hours
girl airbrushed on aluminum panel vampire airbrushed on metal panel Harley eagle airbrushed on plasma cut metal
aluminum panel  with girl in bikini was my first attempt at  Createx Wicked airbrush paint.
 I had a lot of difficulty painting a face a little larger than my thumbprint.
The vampire was painted on primed metal panel and has been around the shop for quit a few years.
Harley Davidson eagle and shield was airbrushed on 1/4 " plasma cut steel.
tiger airbrushed on wood panel wolf airbrushed on pallet boards
Tiger was airbrushed on a large 2' x 4' shelving board that I had primed first. 

airbrushed art on fence and pallet boards by Bruce Bowen using automotive base coat paint to stain the wood
eagle and flag airbrushed on pallet boards mad hatter airbrushed by Bruce Bowen on fence
I spent around 10 hours painting Mad hatter on fence boards and it was snagged up by my daughter to put in her room.
madhatter airbrushed by Bruce Bowen on fence closeup
closeup of Mad hatter airbrushed on fence

predator airbrushed on fence by Bruce Bowen,Kendallville  
some of my favorites are Predator airbrushed on a fence and Smeagol airbrushed on a fence gate.
smeagol airbrushed on fence by Bruce Bowen,Kendallville       
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