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I'm setting up these pages to help you get started if I have no available appointments.

These pages will grow as I have time to add to them so please stop back and tell your friends and family

getting started part 1

The first thing you need to know is the name and letter of each string on a six string guitar.
with a pick in your right hand and your left hand not on the guitar, picking or plucking on a string is called playing the string open.

The first(1) string is the skinny or thinnest string and the fattest or thickest string is the sixth(6) string. 
The first string makes the highest pitch sound and the sixth string makes the lowest pitch sound.

Each string played open has a letter name starting with the 6th string (the fat one) is called the E string
or the low E string because the 1st string (the skinny one) is also called the E string or high E string

The (6th) sixth string is the fattest string called low E string.

The (5th) fifth string is next to the fattest string and it is called the  A  string.

The (4th) fourth string is called the  D  string.

The (3rd) third string is called the  G string.

The (2nd) second string is called the  B  string.

The (1st) first string is called the high E string.

Now looking down at the strings starting with the (6th) fattest string and say   E  A  D  G  B  E

say it over and over  E A D G B E      E A D G B E       E A D G B E          E A D G B E

If you can remember this you are on your way to becoming a guitar player!  

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